It takes you and me to make change happen!

Take a moment and see our stories of change. One household at a time and one village to the next, we are raising hope, giving our communities reasons to believe in themselves. Not to sit around and wait but sit down and dialogue with each other and come up with own solutions to problems of many decades. Together rising above poverty with sustainable livelihoods, building skills where none existed, tapping into what we know and learning from one another one step at a time.

Quality Education for our children, ensuring none drops out and even returning those who drop out it is now a shared responsibility “Our Children”. It seemed impossible until we started and today it is the power of 10ksh per household turning our communities from relief to Resilience with a culture of saving.

Separated by tribal wars we have built peace the best way we know how instead of separation we reached out and instead of building walls we built bridges. Building Peaceful Communities was not easy with our football we Shoot to score not to kill reaching out to the hearts and souls of many young children divided by tribal wars. Our girls needed a voice and a choice and together we created a safe space through advocacy while Breaking the Silence.

It takes you and me to make change happen!

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